Individual training

Prepare for a Cambridge exam
via an individual course or duo training.
Fully flexible and tailored to your specific needs.

Course goals/learning outcome

  • To increase confidence in your preparation and to successfully take the Cambridge exam.
  • To know exactly what to expect on Exam Day with regard to exam conditions and the structure of the specific parts of the exam.
  • To develop an understanding of strategies for dealing with time planning, time pressure, and time awareness during the exam.

All levels.

What are the lessons like?

The purpose of the intake is so your trainer can create a curriculum that fits your needs perfectly. You will receive an invitation to do an online Cambridge Placement Test. You will also do an intake with one of our trainers to further assess your level and goals.

Individual lessons
Intended for people who prefer to learn at their own pace. An experienced trainer will create a programme based on your specific goals and wishes. We take your language level, your learning style and pace into account.

Duo training
If you would like to do a training together with a colleague, acquaintance or family member, you can opt for a duo training. For a duo training to be a suitable option, both participants should be at around the same level and work towards the same Cambridge exam.

Lesson duration and frequency
Depending on your current level and your goal, we will suggest a certain amount of lessons and lesson frequency. A typical recommendation is to take lessons of 1,5 hours each. It is also possible to take lessons of 1 or 2 hours each, or to do a more intensive training in a short period of time. Lesson frequency is usually once or twice a week, but more or less often is also possible.

Lesson location
Depending on your location and preferences, the lessons can take place in nearly any type of location: Your home or workplace, the talkingENGLISH classroom in Zwolle, a public space such as a library or quiet coffee place, a meeting room, or the trainer’s house. We can organise lessons nearly everywhere in the Netherlands.

€ 75,00 start-up costs (intake, Cambridge placement test, creating a personalised curriculum and more)
€ 55,00 per hour

Exam costs
Depending on the level of the exam and whether you prefer paper-based or computer-based, exam costs range from €220,00 to €2,00. For more information, see our exam pricing page.

Terms and conditions
If you want to cancel a lesson, you must cancel at least 48 hours before the lesson.

Key Facts
course nameIndividual/duo training
levelAny level
lengthFlexible duration
lesson duration1,5 hours*
study loadflexible
costs€ 55,00 per hour
+ start-up costs € 75,00