Like for any exam, you want to be prepared for your exam day.
There are several things you can do to make sure you will do well on your exam.

Participate in our exam preparation courses
Some people prefer to study together in a group. Either because they learn more easily that way, or because they need outside motivation to do the assignments and keep at it. Whatever the reason, doing a Cambridge Preparation Course can be a valuable way to get ready for your exam.


In our courses you prepare together with 4-8 other participants. A skilled trainer shares all the ins and outs of the exam and guides you through the material. A course consists of 10 lessons of 2,5 hours each. In a few months you will feel confident going into the exam, and you will also have gotten to know some people who are on the same journey. For more information about our courses, have a look at our Cambridge preparation centre.

Choose the right level for you
By choosing the right level (depending on your current level of English and your needs (for example the minimum level your employer or school asks for)) you can make sure you will get the best result that is within your abilities.  Doing a placement test can be a useful tool in finding out what your current level is. Also familiarise yourself with what an exam day is like.

Practice with the right materials

Books & websites
You can improve your English in many different ways. We recommend you use a variety of tools and materials available to you. However, to make sure you are familiar with the types of exercises and questions that you will need to do on the exam, it is important to use Cambridge materials, too. There are free practice materials available online, but you can also use a book (including online material) and/or practice exams.

Video and audio
Video websites such as Youtube can help you prepare by looking at practice/example exams. Especially for the speaking exam this is a very useful tool. You can also practice by listening to and watching a wide variety of English shows (for example using Netflix). Make sure you listen to different English accents, as the test includes not just British English but often also American English, Australian English and sometimes other varieties, too.

If you practice with official Cambridge materials, the online part will also include audio and video.

As much English as you can fit into your life!
Finally, the best way to practice a language is by using it as much as possible. This means that the more you hear, see, speak and write English, the better prepared you will be for the exam. You could even consider going to England for a few days, or more, in the week before your exam, if that is possible for you.

Try to make English a part of your daily life. Watch the BBC news in the morning, read an English online newspaper, watch English shows (preferably without subtitles), listen to English podcasts, radio etc. Make sure it’s material you enjoy. It’s about the language, but it does not need to be boring. In fact, you learn more when you are having fun!