First select the Cambridge English exam you want to take. To find out what level you have, you can take a Cambridge English Placement Test.

If you already know which exam you want or need to take, go to the official talkingENGLISH Exams registration page and select the exam you want to take.

Select the place where you would like to take your Cambridge English exam.

Yes! We offer discount for (preparation) schools.

Unfortunately, if you cannot attend the exam, we will not be able to refund the exam fee or offer you another date.

If you have not paid for the exam, your registration has not been processed and is therefore automatically cancelled. However, if you have paid for the exam on time, please send us your payment confirmation by email in order for us to check with our finance team.

We will send you this information as an Entry Statement about two weeks prior to your exam. If you have any questions, contact us at or call us at 085-4019200 before the exam day.

Due to the privacy and security laws put into place by Cambridge UK, you will not have access to your exam papers at any time.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to re-sit an exam for free. If you would like to re-sit the exam, you would have to pay the full exam fees again.

Results for paper-based exams normally are released around 4-5 weeks after the exam date. Results for computer-based exams normally are released about 2 weeks after the exam.
Before your exam, you will receive a Confirmation of Entry document, telling you the final date by which your results will be available. If you have not received your results by this date, please contact your centre who will be able to assist you. 

After registration there is a legal period of 14 days in which you cancel free of charge. Outside of this period there are costs associated with cancelling, see our terms and conditions.

talkingENGLISH is an authorised Cambridge preparation centre.

It is Cambridge English Assessment’s policy not to issue duplicate certificates when the original has been lost. However, Cambridge provides a Certifying Statement of Results for candidates in accordance with conditions specified on the application form.

A certifying statement is a document which is accepted by universities and other institutions as proof of the examination result. Certifying statement requested by third parties must have written permission from the candidate. These can be sent, either directly to the candidate or to any public institution. Please note a fee will be charged for the Certifying Statement of Results.