On average, our clients award us with an 8.3/10
for the Cambridge exam preparation course C1 English.

“Inspiring and pleasant lessons. With a lot of attention to interaction and different activities. Individual feedback for everyone, including for those who were a bit quieter in the group. (Recommendation: Reply faster to the homework assignments).” *
– Tjalling Oosterhuis, coordinator International Office Hogeschool Viaa


“Immersion via a talkingENGLISH Cambridge Exam Training is a huge boost for your English language skills. The course has a strict English-only policy and yet manages to do this in a relaxed environment. It’s not just for the certificate, you also learn to speak a global language well.”* – Laurens Trentelman, student KPZ, C1

“Outstanding lessons! A good course by an involved, professional and compassionate trainer. Goals and needs of the participants are kept in mind. All parts of the Cambridge exam are covered. And … with a good result: I passed the C1 level!*” – Wiep Hoksbergen, cursist Cambridge, docent Hogeschool Viaa

*Translated from the original reviews written in Dutch.