Information for schools

We organise exam days in Zwolle, Groningen and Utrecht. Both the paper-based as the computer-based exams take place in a small setup.

At your school?
As a Cambridge Exam centre we do everything we can to make the exciting exam day as relaxed as possible. We understand that especially for younger candidates it can be extra stressful to travel and to take the exam at an external venue. We are therefore happy to come to your school to take the exam on the spot and on a date that is most suitable for you in the school program. In addition, it saves your school time and money, and your students take exams in a familiar environment.

Want to know more? Request our brochure (see the form on this page) or contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Aeres Lelystad - InSchool exams

Candidates must register about 3 – 5 weeks in advance. You can register in two ways:

  1. The individual candidate registers itself online via a registration form on our website.
  2. The contact person of the school does a so-called bulk entry, this is a digital form which contains the details of all candidates of that school.

Note: a combination of the two is also possible. If the school entrusts the responsibility of registration to the student, we can check whether everyone has registered on the basis of a list of names.

Discount for groups
If you register 10+ candidates for an exam per year, a discount per candidate applies. You can find the pricing on this page.

Becoming a Cambridge Preparation Centre
We are happy to nominate an educational institution that registers more than 10 candidates as an Authorized Preparation Centre. This offers a number of interesting advantages. Not only does the school’s contact person receive direct online insight into the exam results, but the school can also present itself with the Cambridge Assessment logo as a recognized prep centre of Cambridge Exams. You will also receive the Cambridge Assessment digital newsletter, specifically for preparation centres, with tips and materials to prepare your students (even better) for the exams.

Preparation centres with (on an annual basis) 30 candidates or more receive, in addition to the use of the logo, also a certificate. You can use both the logo and the certificate, for example on your website, for promotional purposes.

If you would like to register your school as an authorised Cambridge Preparation Centre, please contact us.


talkingENGLISH put together a digital brochure for schools that are interested in registering their students for a Cambridge exam at our Exam Centre. In this brochure, we tell more about who we are and what we do. It contains extensive information about the registration process and about becoming a Preparation Centre. The brochure is available upon request. If you would like to receive it, please fill out the form below.