This document has been written to give you the information you need when you register for a Cambridge English examination. You must read this document very carefully. If there is anything you do not understand, the examination centre will explain it to you. The full exam regulations are listed in the “Regulations Booklet” which is available here

The “Summary regulations for candidates” and “Notice to Candidates” are an integral part of this document. You must also read the privacy policy of Cambridge Assessment English. 

  • Cambridge Assessment English is part of Cambridge Assessment, which is the international exams group of the University of Cambridge. 
  • Centre means an authorized Cambridge English Examinations Centre. Centres are legally independent institutions; they are not directly controlled by Cambridge Assessment English, and Cambridge Assessment English is not liable for actions or omissions by centres. 
  • Candidate: a candidate is someone who has registered to take an examination. 

Entry Regulations & Registration

These Terms and Conditions are binding upon receipt of your registration. By sending off their registration, online, candidates confirm that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and also agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forward in this document. The main channel of communication between the centre and the candidate is e-mail. Candidates are required to provide an active email address checked regularly by the candidate. If candidates do not hear from us in an expected period of time, they must immediately contact the centre. The centre cannot be made responsible for candidates who fail to contact it in time. 

Cambridge English Exams may be taken by people of any age, gender, race, nationality or religion. Although they are designed for native speakers of languages other than English, no language related restrictions apply. 

You enter for the Cambridge English Exam through an authorized Cambridge English examination centre. Your contract is with the centre to which all fees must be paid. 

Candidates register for their examinations online and select the centre of their choice. The location of the exam can be in the greater area of the location indicated on the registration webpage. 

For the speaking exam, interviews will take place on the date chosen by the candidate. Candidates will receive information about the exact location and the time of their interview with the Entry Statement (invitation to the exam). In rare cases, the centre might have to contact you and ask you to choose a different date. All interviews must be conducted in pairs. 

If you request an interview partner, both candidates must choose one another, must select the same date and centre for the speaking test and pay the exam fee within the payment deadline. A chosen interview partner can only be considered if both candidates have paid their exam fee on time. The consideration of the partner request cannot be guaranteed. The centre equally reserves the right to rearrange pairings (e.g. Groups of three) on the exam day as necessary. This could result in a candidate having to accept a later interview time. 

By selecting a school during the registration process, the results of the candidate will automatically be disclosed to the relevant school when the results are released. If there is no school selected, no results will be disclosed. 


Registration (entry) deadlines apply for all exams. These deadlines are indicated on the online registration webpage. 

Late Registrations 

Depending on available space, entries are accepted after the registration deadline up to 5 days before the first exam. Please note that after the registration deadline a € 25 late entry fee will be charged.


Depending on the date of your registration, your payment deadline may differ. Payment deadlines are clearly indicated on your invoice. Candidates who fail to pay the exam fee within the indicated deadlines are not allowed to sit the exam or are subject to an additional charge (Late Payment fee). The centre reserves the right to hold back results and/or certificates for reasons of unpaid dues. 

Invoices are either sent via e-mail or post. If candidates do not receive their invoice in the time frame indicated in the confirmation e-mail sent to them, they must contact the centre immediately. The centre cannot be made responsible for delays and possible additional charges imposed on the candidate if the candidate did not contact the centre on time as indicated. 

Collective invoices for Schools, Educational Institutions or Companies 

Schools can ask the centre for a collective invoice. For more information contact the centre. 

Late payments 

All payment deadlines are indicated on the invoices sent to candidates. Candidates who fail to pay the exam fee on time are subject to a late payment fee of €25,-. Late registrations (all registrations after the registration deadline) are subject to a late entry fee of €25,-. 


Cancellations are possible up to 14 calendar days after the exam application confirmation, unless the registration day expires during this period. In that case cancellation is possible up to the registration deadline.

Cancellations are possible up to the registration deadline indicated on the online registration website. An administration charge of €20,- applies in this case. The exam fee, minus the administration fee, will be refunded. 

Cancellations after the registration deadline are not possible and fees cannot be refunded. Candidates who do not sit the exam (e.g. due to illness) will not be entitled to a refund. Hardship cases may be considered separately.

All cancellations and changes of exams must be in writing (email) regardless of whether or not payments have been made. Exam fees cannot be transferred to a future exam. 

Special Arrangements 

Where possible, Cambridge Assessment English makes provision for candidates with special requirements (e.g. extra time or adapted papers). You must let your centre know as soon as possible, if you have any special requirements, as applications will need to be received by the centre 12 weeks before the examination (depending on what is required and which exam you are taking). Up to 6 months’ notice may be required for some examinations. For requests reaching us later than the indicated timeframes mentioned above, special arrangement accommodations may not be possible. 

Taking the Examination 

The centre will tell you where and when your examination will be held. You must make sure that you arrive at the right time and at the right place and that you have everything that you need for the examination. 

The centre will post a copy of the “Notice to Candidates” outside of the examination room. Furthermore, rules and guidelines are also outlined on the Entry Statement. You must read the Entry Statement carefully before the exam takes place and bring it to the exam. If you do not follow the instructions, you may be stopped from taking the examination, or you may not receive a result. 

All candidates are required to present valid and non-expired government-issued identification on all exam days. Candidates who are not able to present such will not be permitted to sit the exam. 

Candidates may be asked to complete a Candidate Information Sheet. This provides information that Cambridge Assessment English uses as part of its research program to improve the quality of the exams. The information you provide is treated anonymously and is strictly confidential. 

Candidates may be asked to complete a short “anchor test”. This provides information that Cambridge Assessment English uses as part of its quality control program; the Anchor Test will not affect your examination result. Candidates may also have their Speaking test recorded as part of Cambridge Assessment English’s quality control procedures. If so, you will be asked for your consent. 


If there is any problem which might affect the performance of the examination, the candidate (not the teacher) must tell the centre on the day of the examination or immediately afterwards. Complaints of that sort must be received by the centre in writing within one working day after the examination has taken place. If appropriate, the centre will report it to Cambridge Assessment English where it will be considered when deciding on your final result.

Entry Statement (invitation to the exam) 

Entry Statements are sent to the candidates via email at the latest 5 days before the examination. In rare cases, Entry Statements are sent to candidates less than 5 days before the examination. 

If the Entry Statement is not received within 5 days before the exam, the candidate must contact the centre immediately. 

The Entry Statement includes important information such as date and time for the Written as well as the Speaking exam. It is the candidate’s responsibility to be aware of all the information that is written on the Entry Statement and show up for each exam on the correct day and at the correct time and at the correct venue. The centre has no obligation to provide an alternative exam date. 

Test Day Photo 

For security reasons, you consent to have your photo taken by the test centre on the day of the Speaking exam. You agree for this photo to be held on the secure Cambridge Assessment English results verification website. You understand and accept that the photo and your results shall only be available to organizations or individuals that you give your personal access details to. 

It is mandatory for all candidates to have a photo taken on the day of the speaking test. If you refuse to have your picture taken, you will not be able to take the exam. 

On the Exam Day 

Candidates must bring to the exam: 

  • The Entry Statement, a valid and non-expired government-issued identification (passport, ID card, driver’s/learner’s license, resident permit, the test day photo consent form (either signed by yourself if you are over 18 years old or signed by the holder of parental responsibility if you are under 18 years old), a pen, if water: only in a non-coloured transparent bottle. 
  • Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, e-readers, iPods, recording devices are NOT allowed in the exam room. Secure storage for these items will not be provided so candidates must NOT bring these items to the exam. It is permitted to bring mobiles phone to the exam. Mobiles phones must be switched off and placed on the candidates’ desk at the start of the exam. Candidates are NOT permitted access to their mobile phone or other electronic devices for the entire duration of the exam day, including breaks. 

Candidates must: 

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before the written examination. 
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the Speaking examination. 
  • Not disturb other candidates once the exam is in progress. 
  • Abide by all rules and regulations indicated on the “Notice to Candidates” displayed inside or outside of every exam hall. 

After the Examination 

Candidates are able to access their results online 2 – 6 weeks after the examination depending on the type of assessment. Candidates will receive an “Online Result Letter” by email at the latest 10 working days after their exam. This letter indicates the date of the result release and the details on how to access the results, the “Online Result Letter” also includes secret login information. 


If you have passed the examination, your centre will send you your certificate about 4 – 6 weeks after you have received your result. Certificates are issued only if all fees have been paid. They are sent to candidates via mail. Certificates returned to the centre can be either picked up at our office in Zwolle or can be re-sent via registered mail at an additional charge of €20.00. You must not lose the certificate as Cambridge Assessment English does not replace certificates. If you do lose your certificate and need to prove your result, you can apply for a certifying statement, which provides official verification of your result. 


If you do not think that your result is correct or if you have not received a grade for any reason, the centre will give you details of the enquiries and appeals procedure. The appeals process is very strict and deadlines must be adhered to. It is the responsibility of the candidate to inform him/herself of the procedures as well as the deadlines involved. 


Copyright on all question papers and examination material belongs to Cambridge Assessment English. You must not take question papers, notes or other examination material out of the examination room.