Everything you need to know
about how to register for your exam.

Which exam?
Which level (A2 (KET) up to C2 (CPE)) exam would you like to do? If you need a certificate for a specific goal (working abroad, studying at a university, emigration) you should ask the school, employer/organisation about the requirements. Ideally, you should sign up for an exam that challenges you but is not too difficult either.

When would you like to do your exam? Also, keep the registration deadlines in mind. For paper-based exams, the deadline is about six weeks in advance. For computer-based exams, it is about two weeks in advance. Though in most cases it is still possible to register when the deadline has passed. Then you will be charged a late entry fee of €25. Please contact us if you would like to register for an exam when the registration deadline has passed. Specific dates and deadlines can be found on the exam dates page.

We currently organise Cambridge exams in Zwolle, Utrecht and Groningen.

Valid identification document
Please note you will need a valid identification document on the day of your exam. To learn more about which types of documents are accepted go to the what to bring page.