The exam day is an important day for most candidates.
Being prepared for the day guarantees a smooth procedure
and makes the examination a pleasant experience.

Same day
For your convenience, we scheduled both the Speaking Exam and the Written Exam on the same day. This means you only need to plan one day off in order to finish your Cambridge English Exams.

The Speaking Exam either takes place in the morning or in the afternoon. The same goes for the Written Exam. We expect you to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of your exam, in order to check your ID and take a photo.

The spoken part of the exam takes about 15 minutes. When your speaking exam is scheduled in the morning, you can enjoy free time afterwards until the Written Exam starts. Please note that you are expected in the Exam Room 20 minutes prior to the start of the Written Exam for final instructions. When your speaking exam is scheduled in the afternoon, you are free to go home afterwards.

More information about preparing for the exam is available on this page or on the Cambridge support website.

Exam Day Timetable – example


Speaking15 min08.30 – 12.30h
Reading90 min12.50 – 14.20h
Writing90 min14.40 – 16.10h
Listening40 min16.30 – 17.10h


For a more extended timetable per level, go to this page.